Combined case zygomas pterygoids and corticals

Extreme case. 2,pterygoids and 2 Quad zygomas 2015 . 75 year’s old patient. Healthy . Temporary was given at the same ...

Noris Cortical Implants for Full Arch Immediate Loading

Clinical Case: The Noris cortical implant enables bi-cortical anchorage thus increasing the primary stability which is ...

Teeth in One Day. Immediate Implantation and Loading using Cortical Implants

Cortical Implant – Narrow Ridge

Cortical Implant – Socket Shield Technique

A video of maxilla rehabilitation using Socket Shield technique with Noris Medical cortical implants.

Cortical Implant – Post Extraction Site

Immediate Loading of Maxilla with Severe Periodontitis using Cortical Implants

Immediate loading implant techniques using PTERYGOID AND CORTICAL IMPLANTS

Learn about: * Step by step using the revolutionary Cortical and Pterygoid Implants. * From simple immediate implantat...

Maxillary Reconstruction Using Cortical Implants Immediately Loading

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