Noris Cortical Implants for Full Arch Immediate Loading

clinical case
Performed by
Dr. Fabio M. Filannino
Clinical Case:

The Noris cortical implant enables bi-cortical anchorage thus increasing the primary stability which is required for immediate loading.
The Noris Cortical System can be used in extraction sites. It’s available in different sizes to suit any implantation site. The sharp and deep threads, orthogonal to occlusion load are the key for remarkable initial stability.

The patient presented here is a nice lady who wants her upper jaw to be rehabilitated with a fixed prosthesis.
From the CBCT she has only 3 frontal teeth that can be maintained but with periodontal problems, so we decided together to extract them all and to restore the maxilla as a full arch on 6 implants using guided surgery and immediate loading protocol.

Cortical implants by Noris Medical were selected to improve primary stability.
After the old prosthesis was removed, the right maxillary second and the left first premolar came out with it.

Cortical implants can be positioned bone level, tissue level or minimally subcrestal; In this case we’ve chosen to insert them bone level.
After the implant insertion we’ve used 30° and 17° degrees MUA to correct the angulation as we planned before.
After fixing the temporary cylinders with the full arch prosthesis, our laboratory spent some time refining the prosthesis that was delivered to the patient just after 6 hours from the first intraoral picture when we started the surgery.


Final OPG



Cortical Implant gives us:

  • Self-tapping
  • High primary stability
  • Minimal drilling
  • Immediate loading – an excellent solution for implantation in extractions sites


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